Sunday, July 1, 2012


so excited!

welcome to shabby love's blog site. i am estatic to start blogging. it has been in the works for a while now and im just jumping in the blogging world. my main goal for this blog is to inspire all of you just as i have been inspired by others. so jump in this adventure with me. here we go..

my name is hanna kappes and i started shabby love on accident. i have always been a strong willed person, even as a kid. very adventurous, and hands on.. i have traveled all over and tried many differnt things to try to find myself! (guitar, ukulele, surfing, living in ireland, and first mate on a boat in key west, just to name a few)  then came love, marriage, and children.

still trying to find myself i tried many stay at home occupations but nothing fit. my husband i bought our first home and completley re-did it. I fell in love with the process of flipping our home and still to this day could do it over, and over, and over! i re-painted our cabinets, doors, trim, walls, and then when it was completed, i started on my furniture.

here is a before and after photo of our first home


needless to say right as we finished it we moved to virginia.
once we got setteled in VA i was really inspired by everything old around me. the history that virginia has to offer is amazing. i started going to auctions to find things for our new home. most if the things i would bring home needed help but i saw the potiential in them that most people do not. friends would see my new creations and ask me to do their things, and well the rest is history. i started the web page posting things I had completed, word of mouth spread about what i was doing and now i have a store, and the blog was my next goal! thanks to all of you that follow the website, and the store.

needless to say i found something that i love and im truly passionate about. to see something that was once so ugly be recycled into something beautiful makes me happy. so yes, i can now say i have found myself.


  1. Hanna I am do happy to see you are blogging. I enjoyed reading your first post and look forward to many more in the near future. And I'd love to hear you play the ukulele some time.


  2. I'm her aunt and she is truly talented (I'm really not biased). I can vouch for her energy and sense of adventure. I think her pieces are great! I check out her facebook page all the time to see what she's done.