Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to Paint those really slick shiny pieces of furniture!

How do I get the paint to stick to those really smooth or shiny pieces?

This is one of the most common questions that i get.
There are all different kinds of finishes on furniture..  The really glossy shiny stuff and there is the french providential style that is almost like a laminate counter top.. I am going to go through these steps with you today, and post photos of the process. Stay tuned for the transformation!

This is that french Provencal laminate like finish.
I am a big fan of chalk paint for these pieces. Chalk paint sticks to almost all services.. You can buy it at special retail stores(Annie Sloan Chalk).Very smooth and consistent!

  • Always clean your piece. I use mostly soap and water
  • With chalk paint there is no prepping (sanding, priming, exc) you just brush or spray right on
  • I do one coat and then touch up where i missed when the piece is dry. If your going with a darker paint color more coats may be needed.
Then there are the high gloss wood pieces

I love de-glossing!
de-glosser is available in any Lowe's, home depot, or hardware store

I just slop this stuff on with steel wool
I use a circular motion and just really rub it in. It's like a liquid sandpaper.
After you rub it all over you take an old tee or cloth and just wipe it off.
I let it dry completely then i take a fine grit sandpaper and sand all over to make sure my primer sinks in! You are going to paint it anyway so rough it up as much as you would like. Make sure you use the fine grit paper, not the course stuff. It will make swirls in the wood and show through your paint.
Wipe down sand excess then prime.
Primer is a big deal for me. Its that base coat that makes your paint stick. If you skip this step your paint may peel off and chip very easily. I always, always prime on those raw wood pieces(unless i dry brush which i will post later).

I love this primer and recommend it in my workshops!

It's an oil base primer that really soaks into your wood! I love it because it dries so fast too! Painting furniture is so exciting and no one wants to wait for the paint to dry. This stuff is amazing. After it dries i hit the piece of furniture lightly with my fine grit sand block to smooth out.
Now your ready to paint with the color of your choice. You can use any kind of paint you would like. I use Olympic only because it seems to spray out of my paint sprayer the best. I use eggshell or satin sheen, but use your personal preference!

The French Provencal dresser is almost completed! It will post tomorrow so make sure you check back to see how it turned out!


  1. Can't wait to see it!


  2. I have been searching for the chalk white paint! Most people just look at me like I'm crazy. Now I have the name of it so I will try to find some. One of these days, I will finally refinish something. Just haven't found that special piece yet.

    aunt Bonnie

    1. Only Specialty stores sell it. Go to http://www.anniesloanunfolded.com/retailers
      to find the stores in your area that sell it!

    2. you can make your own chalk paint cheaper by adding loose chalk to paint or plaster of paris

  3. Where can u get the anne sloan paint @ ? I've looked every where

    1. you can not find this product at paint stores, Lowes, Home Depots.. Only specialty boutique stores sell it.. here is the link to find out where you can buy it

  4. I like the ASCP but I don't get the coverage most people get. I've also had issues and had to prep on some items. I think it's a fine paint but I don't use ot exclusively. It's another tool in my box. chameleon paint

  5. What brand/ model paint sprayer do you use for painting your furniture?

  6. How did you get that sanded look on the French Provincial. On the edges of the drawers and top? Do you sand after you paint? Or did that naturally happen? You know, where the white seeps through?

    1. I would imagine that you have to wait until the piece is dry then sand.;)

  7. Thank you for sharing. Its informative and full of information.

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